Stingless Bee Honey (Wild Flower)

The Stingless bee (Melipona) honey is collected by a small species of bee that adapt to sucking nectar from the smallest of flowers and the deepest crevices of the flowers. The antioxidant in stingless bee honey could break the chain of free radicals that cause a detrimental effect on the wounded area. Its other known benefits are: promote healthy heart, fights ocular diseases and reduce the risk of fertility issues in both men and women. It is twice as nutritious compared to other types of honey.

700.00 (Incl taxes & shipping)

Additional information

Weight120 g

About this honey

  • It is 100% compliant on all the 22 parameters mandated by FSSAI for testing honey.
  • It is tested and packed in USFDA registered facilities
  • It is 100% indigenous – sourced entirely from India
  • It clears all European (including German) standards for sugar adulteration


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    Apis Cerana Honey (Wild Flower)- Gift

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    Apis Cerana Honey (Wildflower) is a random selection of the local flora that grows in the region in Northeast India. Its flavor and strength are dependent on the season and the preference of wild honeybees. Organic and raw honey collected from Wildflowers offer the maximum available antioxidant, antibacterial, and health-promoting benefits possible from this variety.

    Weight120 g
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