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Galho is deeply driven at heart to positively impact people’s lives through the products and services we offer. We look to help bridge the gap between Northeast India and the rest of the world. Trust, fairness, customer experience and accountability are our core values, and we are committed to being authentic and accessible to our consumers

Founded in 2021, Galho is passionate about celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of North East India. That’s why we are here: to bring that experience to the rest of the world. We offer indigenous food, breathtaking landscapes, and stories of people and their culture, all with the touch of genuineness that is reflective of North East India. We invite you to “Experience the 8.”


Our Vision is to change the perception of the northeast India as a social and economic power contributing towards the growth of the nation both economically and socially.


Our mission is to define the Unique and Authentic Northeast India Culinary experiences to the world


Mr. Veduhu

Bee keeper from Phek District
Mr Veduhu has been practising beekeeping for over 20 years. He was fascinated with bees right from the time he was a little boy growing up in the village. His father used to rear bees in the compound and the celler of their modest home. With a everlasting jolly smile, Veduhu explains how he enjoys his profession and how grateful he is to the bees for allowing him a source of income through which he is able to educate his 3 children and live a comfortable life in the village.

Mr. T. Chuba Ao

Bee keeper from Mokokchung District Mr T Chuba Ao is one of the oldest professional beekeepers from Nagaland. He has been practising beekeeping for over 45 years. Over the years he has studied the characteristic behavioural patterns of the bees and has built a space for the bees to thrive. He states that these bees are a part of his family and he makes sure he takes utmost care of them. He is happy to have got his kids educated and married into good families and loves living in the village with his wife and his bees.

Mr. Tokheho

Bee Farmer from Zunheboto
Mr Tokheho owns a school in the village as he is passionate about rural youth education. He learnt the art of beekeeping from his father, who at 82 years of age still owns some bee boxes which he takes good care of. Mr Tokheho states that his father is very possesive of his bee boxes and does not allow anyone to touch it. He trains, educates and encourages his village youths to take up beekeeping as a profession and a means of livelihood.

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