Rock Bee Honey

wild forest honey for a
stronger immune system

Stingless Bee Honey

power packed nutrition
from a tiny bee

Northeast India
With Love

Galho Wild Forest Honey

Galho honey is natural, raw, unpasteurized and unprocessed. They may undergo a natural change in colour, texture and viscosity
depending on factors such as age and the season of harvest, and vary in flavor according to the nectar source of the bees. Our
bottles come packed with purity and health.

Apis Cerana Bee

Nature’s nectar for robust health

Rock Bee

Wild honey for a stronger immune system

Stingless Bee

Power packed nutrition from a tiny bee

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Apis Cerana Honey (Wild Flower)- Gift

900.00 (Incl taxes & shipping)

Apis Cerana Honey (Wildflower) is a random selection of the local flora that grows in the region in Northeast India. Its flavor and strength are dependent on the season and the preference of wild honeybees. Organic and raw honey collected from Wildflowers offer the maximum available antioxidant, antibacterial, and health-promoting benefits possible from this variety.

Weight320 g


“The galho honey brings back childhood memories of the pure honey that our grandmother used to feed us”

– Asen (Dimapur)

“love the product, the authenticity and the stories”

– Shivangi (Delhi)

“Met Medo at the hornbill festival and was blown away by the stories of how they source their honey. Didn’t know there were so many varieties of bees that existed. Appreciate my honey even more now.

– Sapna (Mumbai)

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