Stingless Bee Honey

Power packed nutrition from a tiny bee


The Stingless Bee Honey, is often referred to as the “Mother of Medicine” and has a distinctive sweet and sour taste. It is a unique delicacy that is sourced from stingless bees that thrive in pristine environments of Nagaland. Out of 9 species of Stingless bee reported in India, 6 are present in Nagaland, making the state the stingless bee diversity hotspot of India. Some tribal communities of Nagaland have been rearing stingless bees since long or from forefather’s time utilizing their traditional knowledge.  The beekeepers collect the stingless bee colony from the forests to establish the initial colony in their homes. After sighting the colony in the tree trunks, the incised tree trunk acts as the starter colony. They mostly keep the bees in traditional log hives or handmade wooden rectangular boxes.

Stingless bees (Melipona) produces honey containing trehalulose, a rare sugar not dominant in any other foods. The abundance of this sugar contributes to the low glycemic index (GI) of stingless bee honey. The special capabilities of stingless bees to extract nectar from tiny flowers contribute to the nutritional richness of Melipona honeydew. Various sources of wildflower, combined with regional factors, results in a honey noted for its tangy and sour notes.

How Stingless Bee Honey Benefits?


Promotes heathy heart

Fights ocular diseases

Reduce the risk of fertility issues in both men and women

Why Galho Honey?

GALHO Honey stands out as the epitome of pure honey, offering a taste of nature’s finest nectar. Sourced from pristine floral landscapes of Nagaland, our honey is crafted with unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. GALHO currently works with beekeepers from the districts of Kohima, Phek, Zunheboto, Mokokchung and the Eastern parts of Nagaland. We take pride in our sustainable and ethical beekeeping practices, ensuring the well-being of the bees and our environment.

Stingless Bee Honey (Wild Flower)

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Apis Cerana Honey (Wild Flower)- Gift

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Apis Cerana Honey (Wildflower) is a random selection of the local flora that grows in the region in Northeast India. Its flavor and strength are dependent on the season and the preference of wild honeybees. Organic and raw honey collected from Wildflowers offer the maximum available antioxidant, antibacterial, and health-promoting benefits possible from this variety.

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